Getting people thinking about peer assessment

It feels a teeny tiny bit wrong posting this as if it’s anything much to do with me – this was far and away Hamish’s show, and I was merely a back up dancer 🙂 – but anyway…

Hamish Macleod and I were fortunate enough to take part in elearn@ed event on peer assessment and feedback.  (Great event, lots of great ideas and strategies!)

Hamish presented on a peer assessment arrangement he designed for his course ‘Understanding Learning in Online Environments’ (which I’ve got to tutor and moderate on).  As it’s explained on the elearn@ed website:

The peer assessment is done in the context of a course which is aimed at thinking about teaching and the nature of learning, and in which people are taken into a situation where they are asked to have simple and structured peer feedback and grade input, but in which the stakes are manifestly reduced for both givers and receivers.  This device may be used to “ease” people into the business of peer assessment.

If you’re interested in finding out more, here’s  the slides for the talk (in pdf format) and an mp3 audio recording of the talk.


About Clara O'Shea

I'm an Associate Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. I teach on the MSc in Digital Education. I'm also doing a PhD on learning and becoming in collaborative digital environments.
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