Things I’ve been up to

1.  Not blogging : )

2. A few conference presentations, some of which you can view here:

  • TALOE logo‘Reflections on collaborative assessment: materiality, dialogue and group connoisseurship’ on 22 April 2015 with Tim Fawns. For the Talks on E-assessment and Learning Outcomes series, The TALOE Partnership.  (You can watch this webinar via
  • SERA logo‘Dialogues and disruptions: developing group connoisseurship in online, collaborative assessments’ on 21 November 2014 with Tim Fawns. Scottish Educational Research Conference, Edinburgh, 20-21 November.
  • EADTU logo‘A new conceptual framework for group work: Group connoisseurship’ on 24 October 2014. The Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference, EADTU, Krakow, 23-24 October. (You can watch this presentation at )
  • Oxford Brookes University logo‘Group connoisseurship: creating shared understandings of quality in online collaborative assessments’ on 26 June 2014 with Tim Fawns. International Virtual Conference, Giving Feedback to Writers Online, Oxford Brookes University.

3.  A few bits of writing, all of which you can view via the link below:

4. Another aces Dissertation Festival:


Sherlock Foxington (aka Janet Benson ) presenting on her feasibility research study at the Dissertation Festival 2015.

The Dissertation Festival was held in across our MScDE programme wiki space and in Second Life and was, yet again, a really awesome experience.

We had sessions from tutors and alumni on academic writing, information hunting, and the dissertation process and with presentations from students across a gamut of topics (including games-based learning, mentoring, multimodality and digital scholarship).

It was a great opportunity for all kinds of conversations from dissertation topics, to tales from alumni and tips from tutors.

We also had our first ever “Visualisations Gallery” – with examples from students, alumni and tutors on how different forms of visualisation can help thinking through and articulating ideas.

The Visualisations Gallery

The Visualisations Gallery

You can find out more about the Festival at:

5.   A course update:

ALDE_logoOur Online Assessment course had a gentle re-design, becoming “Assessment, Learning and Digital Environments”.  Along with the new name, the course now has a slightly different assessment regime.  You can find out more at:

And that’s about it 🙂

Now to go and do some more stuff!


About Clara O'Shea

I'm an Associate Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. I teach on the MSc in Digital Education. I'm also doing a PhD on learning and becoming in collaborative digital environments.
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