The Manifesto for Teaching Online 2015

A new version of the 2011 Manifesto for Teaching Online is up at

As Jen says on the blog: “the manifesto has been an important touchstone for the work of the Digital Education team at the University of Edinburgh, and an excellent source of discussion and debate with students, colleagues, and professionals in the field.”

This year we thought we’d revisit the Manifesto. This has been a really valuable and generative process – a great opportunity to spend time with colleagues just thinking through what’s important to us now, what still resonates from 2011 and what new challenges we’re tackling.  We found ourselves centring around themes like aesthetics, assessment, context, contact, multimodality, openness, power, and surveillance.

The Manifesto is meant to be open and interpretable  – something others can remix and reassemble for themselves.   This is a beast that should be growing and changing all the time!  So, check it out, let us know what you think and share your own versions with us!


About Clara O'Shea

I'm an Associate Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. I teach on the MSc in Digital Education. I'm also doing a PhD on learning and becoming in collaborative digital environments.
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