• Dialogues and disruptions: developing group connoisseurship in online, collaborative assessments. Scottish Educational Research Conference, Edinburgh, 20-21 November 2014with Tim Fawns.
  • A new conceptual framework for group work: Group connoisseurship. The Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference, EADTU, Krakow, 23-24 October 2014 with Tim Fawns.  Conference proceedings available at and the presentation is viewable at
  • Group connoisseurship: creating shared understandings of quality in online collaborative assessments. International Virtual Conference, Giving Feedback to Writers Online, Oxford Brookes University, 26 June 2014 with Tim Fawns.  Available online at
  • Assessment and the Manifesto for Teaching Online,  Joint seminar between eAssessment Scotland (Dundee, Scotland) and the Transforming Assessment webinar series (online, Australia),  24 August 2012.
  • New Geographies of Learning:  Distance Education and being ‘at’ EdinburghSpaces of (Dis)location, University of Glasgow, Scotland.  24 May 2012 with James Lamb.
  • That Ever-Ephemeral Sense of ‘Being’ Somewhere”: Reflections on a Dissertation Festival in Second Life.  Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds, Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Prague, Czech Republic. 13 March 2012.
  • Collaborative E-Assessments:  Wiki Work and the Group Gradee-Assessment Scotland 2010: Marking the Decade, University of Dundee, Scotland.  3 September 2010 with Hamish Macleod.
  • Risky AssessmentseLearning@Ed.  University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland.  22 April 2010 with Sian Bayne.
  • Collapsing false dichotomies: 
Integrating work and learning in community learning and development training programmesThe Scottish Educational Research Association Conference: Democracy, Culture and Leadership in Education. Perth, Scotland.  22-24 November 2007 with John Bamber.
  • Purposeful Partnerships: bridging the gap between academia and the workplace. The 16th European Access Network Annual Conference, Galway, Ireland.  27-29 June 2007 with John Bamber.
  • When Two Worlds Collide…  The Part-Time Forum:  The Future of Part-Time Higher Education in Scotland: The Changing Policy Landscape. Paisley, Scotland.  30 May 2007 with John Bamber.
  • Commonality, collaboration and context:  Curriculum design and the development of new approaches in community learning & development education.  Scottish Educational Research Association Conference:  Connecting Communities of Learning. Perth, Scotland.  22-24 November 2006 with John Bamber and Geoffrey Wallace.
  • Supporting Learning, the Integration of Knowledge and the Model of a Reflective Professional practitioner in Trainee Clinical Psychologists Working With Older Adults.  Presentation for the symposium Inspiring the Next Generation: Online Education and Training Clinical Psychologists. Gerontological Society of America, Washington D.C., U.S.A.  20 November 2004.
  • Applied Gerontology Online: Constructing a new approach to training Clinical Psychologists to work with Older Adults.  PSIGE 24th Annual Conference. University of Durham, Durham, U.K.  8 July 2004 with Ken Laidlaw.
  • An inclusive approach to transition in a research-led university. 6th Annual Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference: Changing Agendas. Christchurch, New Zealand.  8-10 July, 2002.
  • Creating Connections and Campus Community:  Facilitating the First Year Experience. 6th Annual Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference: Changing Agendas.  Christchurch, New Zealand.  10 July 2002.

Invited presentations

  •  Reflections on collaborative assessment: materiality, dialogue and group connoisseurship. For the Talks on E-assessment and Learning Outcomes series, The TALOE Partnership, 22 April 2015. with Tim Fawns. Viewable at:
  •  Managing and assessing group work. For the Institute of Academic Development Practical Strategies Series, The University of Edinburgh, 26 March 2015 with Tim Fawns and Emily Taylor.
  • Disruptions and dialogues:  supporting collaborative connoisseurship in digital environments. For the Digital Cultures and Education group, The University of Edinburgh, 28 March 2014 with Tim Fawns.
  • Flexible Assessment. Learning Technologies Advisory Group, The University of Edinburgh, 13 June 2013.
  • Online course design. An invited workshop for the Institute of Academic Development, The University of Edinburgh, 28 October 2013 with Christine Sinclair.
  • Getting people thinking about peer assessment. elearn@ed, The University of Edinburgh. 28 November 2012 with Hamish Macleod.
  • Hacking, World of Warcraft and Me. Alt Game Sig, Edinburgh. 15 November 2012.
  • Manifesto for Teaching Online.  Sheffield iSchool Centre for Information Literacy Research presentation in Second Life.  13 November 2012.
  • Assessing WikisPostgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh.  1 June 2012.
  • Assessment in the MSc in E-Learning. Assessment in Online Distance Education (ODL) for taught postgraduate courses. Institute for Academic Development. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, 6 December 2011, with Hamish Macleod.
  • Wiki work: creating collaborative learning and assessment opportunities with volatile texts.  Digital HSS College Workshop, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland.  12 October 2011.
  • Creating communities and collaborative assessments.  Pedagogies for Online Learning for Science and Engineering, College of Science and Engineering, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  23 June 2011 with Sian Bayne.
  • Principles and practicalities of online assessment:  Exploring theories and case examples of innovative approaches to assessment in digital environments.  Workshop for York St John University, York, England.  9 June 2011.
  • A rollercoaster rise of the wikitastic.  PG Cert. in University Teaching, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland.  3 June 2011.
  • Student writing:  innovative online strategies  for assessment and feedback (SWOP) research.  School of Education research roundtable, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland.  30 May 2011, with Hamish Macleod and Sian Bayne.
  • The wondrous world of the wiki:  collaboration, co-authoring and assessment with volatile texts. Workshop for the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  6 April 2011.
  • Introducing a manifesto for teaching online. eLearning@ed 2011, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  1 April 2011 with Jen Ross, Sian Bayne and Hamish Macleod.
  • Collaborative E-Assessments:  Wiki Work and the Group Grade.  eLearning Professionals and Practitioners Forum, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  (Reprisal of presentation for e-Assessment Scotland, 2010.)  15 November 2010 with Hamish Macleod.
  • Student writing:  innovative online strategies  for assessment and feedback.  School of Education research roundtable, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland.  27 May 2010, with Jen Ross.
  • A Whirlwind Tour of the Wikitastic.  eLearning Alliance:  HE/FE Special Interest Group, Central College Glasgow. 8 June 2009.
  • Cultivating the Wiki Meadow.  The University of Edinburgh, HSS e-learning pedagogies meeting.  16 April 2008.
  • Effective Course Design.  The University of Coventry, Centre for the Study of Higher Education.  17 March 2008.
  • Collapsing false dichotomies: 
Integrating work and learning in community learning and development training programmes.  Moray House School of Education, The University of Edinburgh.  24 February 2008.
  • Curriculum Design and Delivery.  Unlocking the Potential of Community.  Community Learning and Development Work-Based & Part-Time Training Consortium Conference. Dundee, Scotland.  22 February 2007.
  • Supporting Professional Practice. MALTS E-break series. The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland.  21 February 2005, with Lucy Clark.
  • SIGN of the Times. Centre for Education Development and Academic Methods, The Australian National University. Canberra, Australia.  20 May 2002.
  • International Education at the Crossroads:  Challenges Ahead (panelist). The National Liaison Committee State Education Conference. Canberra, Australia.  25 May 2002.


Ross, J., Bayne, S., Macleod, H. and O’Shea, C.  (2-3 March, 2010).  Innovative assessment of online writing.  7th Annual Enhancement Theme Conference.  Edinburgh, Scotland.


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